Bi Folding wood door Studio City, CA

28 08 2014

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Kenny’s home installation tips

9 08 2014

Over the years I have worked on thousands of projects, all in various trades and scopes.

Time after time I see Homeowners, Property Management Companies, and Contractors make costly mistakes that could have been avoided or easily minimized had they only known a few simple things.

Recent Tashman home installation of windows in Faye Dunaway's house

Recent Tashman home installation of windows in Faye Dunaway’s house


The Plan

Every job or project needs a plan and the best way to start is by drawing out your ideas and developing goals for the job. When first meeting with a client about an installation, I ask them “What is your goal?” Some common goals are beauty, energy efficiency, or noise reduction.

Often there is no clear plan or expert guiding you or involved in the project and this is why clients come to us.  We work with your budget so as to maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness. Most people renovate on average every 8-10 years so planning is so important, because this is something you will be living with for a long while.



Finding a trustworthy and reliable contractor can be a challenge and could make or break the project. Everyone thinks we (contactors) are out to steal from them so remember you are not picking a person who is just doing a job. They are working on your valuable property and they will hopefully be a resource for you for many years and projects to come.

Kenny donating to Habitat for humanity

Kenny donating to Habitat for humanity

There are no shortages of horror stories about hiring a cheap and unreliable contractor or handyman. There are certainly people who are dishonest and lazy but often it is a simple problem of getting an accurate estimate up front. Often people will come to Tashmans to finish or fix a poorly done job and it is truly sad to see the original budget swirling down the drain. Tashman home center is insured, licensed, bonded and we stand behind all of our work. We have been here since 1961 and we make every possible effort to ensure the customers complete satisfaction.

Installing a 200 pound piece of glass

Installing a 200 pound piece of glass, not a job for a cheap handyman.


Getting it all in writing

When I first started to do contracting, a hand shake was the normal way to close a business deal. In todays more litigious world, this is absolutely the wrong way to do home improvement. Make sure all of your contracts are clearly written, describing the work to be done and how much everything will cost. Some important questions that need answers include the length of the job, the finish date, and the primary person to call if you have questions.

Often people neglect to get concrete answers and give too much money to a contractor who then absconds with the cash, never to be seen again. Most contractors do not have a store front so you can not go see them when you have a concern or question. Tashman Home Center has maintained a store for 54 years you will always know where we are and you will always get it in writing what we are doing for you.

Three Generations of Tashman (Kenny, Charles, Mark)

Three Generations of Tashman (Kenny, Charles, Mark)


Quality installations

Buying the right product at the best price is half the battle and installing what you want is even more important. No matter how fancy and expensive the product is, the installation part of the job can not be done on the cheap. A poor installation job will make whatever you have bought look bad, buyer’s remorse will set in and you will not want to purchase new materials.

There are some simple things to look for when your installation is being done and cleanliness and organization count for a lot. The installers should set up a clean area for all the materials and tools. They should cover your property well, using plastic, paper, drop cloths, shop-vacs, trash cans, and bags, even the type of tape used is important so as to not leave marks or goo on your floor or furniture.

The right tools make a huge difference in the quality of the job. If the installer shows up with only a hammer and a chisel, you might want to go with someone owning high quality power tools. Having a properly equipped crew is not only going to give you a better looking job, but a faster completion time as well.

Safe and Organized

Safe and Organized

Take a tour of the property!

10 05 2014

Store Front

Welcome to Tashmans, come in the front door at 7769 Santa Monica Blvd.


Or park in our lot off of Genesee.

photo 4

We have several styles of doors outside.

photo 5

Buy some plants from our assistant manager Rick.

photo 8

Come see Lucia in our showroom.

photo 6

Get a nice new shower enclosure!

photo 3

Or some new windows…

photo 1

We are glass experts.

photo 2

This piece of glass weighs 200 pounds!

kevin installations

Come see Robert and Leslie in installations (note: man in picture is neither Leslie nor Robert, his name is Kevin and he works at the front counter.)

photo 7

Vendor Of the Week B.F.C. Design

11 04 2014

B.F.C. Design, helmed by Tom Longo is a longtime friend of Tashman Home Center and we refer people to him for a variety of services.

They provide window treatments of all kinds including shutters, blinds, drapes and various other coverings. 

They also install floor coverings from bamboo to laminate.



BFC Design offers competitive pricing, professional service with more than thirty years in the business.

Tis the Season for Giving

13 12 2013

Many of us are stressed out by the holidays and often it seems that the only people enjoying themselves are children and people with personal assistants. Nonetheless it can be a great feeling watching someone enjoy a gift you gave them just as it can be wonderful to receive a gift and know that some one is thinking of you.

It is also a busy season for charitable organizations as people help the less fortunate have better holidays. Providing a toy for a child or some new clothes can really make a difference at a time of year when the gap between the haves and the have nots is striking and garish. Giving can also create a positive feedback loop because happier people give more and giving makes people happier.

Every year at Tashmans we donate doors and windows to Habitat for Humanity and this year the total value given was more than $10,000 dollars!



Festive decorations play a large part in creating a pleasant atmosphere in the these dark winter months. Although it is certainly not cold here in southern California, it does get dark early so some Christmas lights and snowy figures cheers us up.



Happy Holidays from Tashman Home Center!


Ultra view window screens – so sheer you can’t even see them!

26 09 2013

I went to my client today Donna Bojarsky.  She needed a mirror for her powder room. When  walked in, I saw the view of Hollywood. It was beautiful!

A picture post card day. But what I noticed, or rather did not notice, were the screens I put in last month.

The Phiffer Ultra View screen mesh we used is so sheer I could not see it. I went up to the window and it was amazingly sheer.

Hollywood looked great and the bugs stayed outside. Well, look at the pictures and you will see. We can make the screens for most applications, including doors. Come by the store and we will show you, but seeing is really not seeing to believe.

The top picture is a close up from 6″ away. The screen is barely noticeable.  The lower picture is from 5′ away. Notice the window is open and you cannot see the screen, it is almost totally gone from view.

Screens are very important protection from insects. Just yesterday, it was anounced that in Sherman Oaks the West Nile virus was detected.

So protect your kids and family and keep your house cool. L.A. weather is great right now! keep you house cool for free by just opening your windows, and doors.

Have a great day


ultra view1 ultra view 2


17 09 2013

The Tashman’s carpentry team recently install this new pre hung and pre finished door from Escon doors.

Mrs Feldman love’s the door which has a heavy duty Emtek mortise lock installed in it as well.

Mortise locks are nice because they have several locking features, are very strong and hard to break.

I like them for all the pretty designs, and finishes available for you to choose.

When you are ordering a pre hung door make sure to check the jamb thickness, swing of door. and the threshold type you need.

We use oak thresholds many time so the wood floors on the inside blend and match.

This door can pre finished so it matches perfectly with the jamb. I recommend touch up and adding additional coats of sealer ever 2-3 years so the door look good. The front door is the first impression to you home. Make sure to keep it looking clean and well painted.










Wood windows installed in Hancock Park

12 08 2013

This new family room has beautiful new wood windows from Vent Vue Window Mfg. of Los Angeles,CA

The windows are Dual glazed Low e Glass so the room stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

What is great about this room is that it looks like it was always there. The contractor Tamir of Universal Construction

did a great job and honest and very detail oriented.

vent vue doors

New aluminum bifolding doors installed by Tashman’s

8 08 2013

Recently we installed these new Heritage Bifolding glass  doors on my parents patio. This created a year round indoor out door room that can be used by the entire family.

The doors have Low E  Cardinal glass , and aluminum frames for durability.
Call Kenny to get an idea if we can do this for you.



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