Poppy’s natural cleaning products and Envirolife Paint

21 12 2013

This week at Tashman Home Center we received a new product line called Poppy’s Naturally Clean and to go with that we also have a new line of environmentally friendly house paint called Envirolife.

Poppy’s Naturally Clean products are non-toxic and biodegradable. They are not harmful to you, your children, your pets, the environment, or the earth. They are free of chemicals, additives, fragrances, and stabilizers.

As Americans we love our chemicals and trust them because we associate chemicals with advanced technology.  Cleaning products in particular are prized for their “New Advanced Formulas” and “Grease destroying properties”. Some common cleaners even make the dubious claim that they are non toxic and biodegradable though should you ingest one, proceed immediately to the hospital. This is called Greenwashing and it can make things very confusing when trying to use truly environmentally friendly products.



Envirolife paint is a product line from Life Paint that has zero VOCs, 100% acrylic, long lasting and easy to use. No VOCs means that the paint does not have an odor like regular house paint. A few weeks ago we sold some envirolife paint to a regular customer who was painting an apartment for a tenant and after he had finished the tenant accused him of not doing the job because she could not smell the paint!



Introducing weekly jobs at Tashman Home Center where we will showcase one or two of our installed jobs from the past week.

We installed a mirror wall in the Eastern Columbia building in downtown Los Angeles and installed Citiquiet Windows to cut down the noise from the street outside.

wall of mirrors



We installed a beautiful frameless  shower enclosure using 1/2 inch Starphire glass and polished nickel hardware.

shower door 12.20.13




New Multi slide doors installation Hollywood Hills, by Tashman’s

18 09 2013

Tashman’s recently installed new beautiful Heritage Multi Slide doors in the Hollywood Hills,

The project was designed by Steve Fierce. He incorporated the indoor out door feel in his home.

The views of Los Angeles, Hollywood Hills, and all of the city are amazing. The doors slide on the outside so they do not take up room on the interior of the house. The frame stack neatly and are easy to roll out with the 3″ roller and graphite track system Heritage uses.


Really cool front door!!!

This front door system uses 1/2″ glass, that is set in the concrete. it is butt joined and sealed together. The frame less door with the ladder handles lock and a stay open when need be.

We installed all of the above glass, windows, doors, shower doors in the home. our team leader Greg

has been doing these types of specialty aluminum glass doors and windows for Tashman’s for over 15 years.

Kenny Tashman  did the layouts and helped do the door design, He has been promoting Heritage Windows for the past 5 years.

Heritage is a great alternative for high end aluminum windows and doors. They are made in the USA, use high performance Cardinal Low E 366 glass and have many great features.


The front door was unique,in that it is all glass that allows you to see from the front across Laurel Canyon when you walk in


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