Color, Temperature, and Urban Heat Islands

13 02 2015

White reflects and black absorbs.

It’s a simple statement with massive ramifications if our society decides to use the science of color to fight global warming. For centuries cities in places like North Africa and the Mediterranean have been painting everything bright white to keep cool. White reflects the heat radiation back into space while darker colors absorb heat radiation and would therefore increase the temperature in and around the house.




Why did we abandon this simple technique that seems like a no brainer in places like Los Angeles? The answer is that it is much cheaper to use dark building materials. Asphalt and tar are two of the most ubiquitous building materials we use to construct cities and roads. The detrimental effect of building like that is referred to as the “Urban Heat Island” effect. This is why cities are generally much hotter than the surrounding countryside.

In cities with ample precipitation, the best solution involves plants on places like rooftops and vacant lots. The city of Boston buried it’s largest highway and built a giant park in it’s place. The “Big Dig” was a disaster as far as construction projects go but the original concept was great. (When I was ten years old, the Major of Boston told me the Big Dig would be done in five years…I am now thirty and they just finished.)


The problem with this approach in Los Angeles is the complete lack of rain. No one should be watering large lawns because it’s just downright irresponsible. Replacing lawns with fake grass actually contributes to the Urban Heat Island and also destroys whatever ecosystem existed there before. Residents of Los Angeles can enroll in a rebate turf removal program whereby you replace the grass with drought resistant plants and get money back from the city.



Of course if you can’t get people to vaccinate their children, the concept of deadly irresponsibility may not be salient for the residents of greater Los Angeles.

If you want to be a responsable member of society, however, paint white and tear up all that thirsty grass.


Aqua-life Paint

27 12 2014
  • Interior/Exterior
  • Wood, Metal, Masonry
  • Residential, Commercial
  • Low VOC
  • Extreme Low Odor
  • Easy to Apply
  • Water Clean Up
  • Water Thinnable
  • Sandable

Life Paint’s Aqua-Life products were developed to replace traditional oil based alkyd-type resin technology. With today’s stringent VOC regulations, and the limited low VOC solvents available, Life Paint researched a resin technology that has been used for over ten years successfuly in Europe. This resin type allowed for extremely low VOC manufacturing, very low ordor, and it’s application resembles that of traditional oil based products. In fact, once the product is cured, the coating left is just as a traditional alkyd is. The main difference between old traditional, oil-based, alkyd resin paints and Life Paint’s Aqua-Life is the subsitution of smelly petroleum based solvents for water. So go ahead, breathe easy, and take the plunge into water. It’s more refreshing.


New Products from the Orgill Show

21 03 2014

Two weeks ago our general manager took a trip down to Orlando for the bi-annual Orgill hardware trade show and he brought back a bunch of great new products. Everyone would be a lot better off if they came in and purchased some of these products.

Q-Bond is a very impressive product and I am not easily impressed. It uses a combination of liquid glue and black powder to instantly bond anything to anything. We cut a rubber hose in half and put it back together good as new. I also stuck a quarter to the sidewalk with impressive results although someone was able to remove overnight, most likely with a jackhammer.

We also got a variety of painting and caulking products which have been displayed at our new and improved paint counter.



The word Caulk comes from the Latin  calcāre, meaning to trample.


17 09 2013

The Tashman’s carpentry team recently install this new pre hung and pre finished door from Escon doors.

Mrs Feldman love’s the door which has a heavy duty Emtek mortise lock installed in it as well.

Mortise locks are nice because they have several locking features, are very strong and hard to break.

I like them for all the pretty designs, and finishes available for you to choose.

When you are ordering a pre hung door make sure to check the jamb thickness, swing of door. and the threshold type you need.

We use oak thresholds many time so the wood floors on the inside blend and match.

This door can pre finished so it matches perfectly with the jamb. I recommend touch up and adding additional coats of sealer ever 2-3 years so the door look good. The front door is the first impression to you home. Make sure to keep it looking clean and well painted.










Paint Sale

18 11 2011

Quality Products

9 04 2010

Not all batteries are equal.

In fact, Duracell or energizer batteries will last dozens of times longer than “generic” or “dollar store” batteries.  Also stay away from Sony batteries .

Here at Tashman’s we have been testing products and getting feedback from customers since 1961.  Since we are also contractors, we use the products we sell and as a result we only carry quality items.

It is also very important that we go along with the increasing awareness of the environmental impact everyday items can have.

The majority of our paint and all of our house paints are now low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)

Our plumbing department has various low flow devices such as shower fixtures and toilet kits.

To save electricity we carry compact fluorescent and LED light-bulbs as well as timers to turn the light on or off even if you are not home.

Many of our solvents are also “Green” in that they contain fewer hazardous air pollutants and are made from renewable and/biodegradable materials.

Spring is here!

8 03 2010

Dear Valued Customers,

Spring is a great time of year to catch up on your home repairs.  The winter rains have distressed youy exterior paint.

Check the trim on your doors, windows, and eaves–Crunching or splitting wood is a good indication of a needed paint job.

Tashman’s now carries a Hybrid enamel paint from LifePaint that is an excellent choice given the environmental restrictions placed on all paint manufacturers in LA County.

Oil based paints are no longer available and this is really a good thing for the environment as well as for the air quality of your home.  In addition, the amount of oil in those paints was not enough to make them significantly better than other options.

The new Hybrid Alkyd Enamels allow flexibility and great adhesion.  They will not crack from extreme temperature swings and they flow and spread so easily, the finish is like glass.


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