9 11 2013


Every year I tell my customers to be prepared for disasters. Living in earthquake country, I have been traumatized by the past quakes (Northridge 94′). My entire life was turned upside down in 57 seconds. Luckily my store was not damaged. We opened after a quick clean up, and were ready to help our community of West Hollywood.

Everything was in short supply, batteries,flashlights,water heater connectors, tarps, glass, plywood. You name it we were selling it off the shelves. Most people had nothing ready. No food, water, clothing or supplies of any kind.

So I feel it necessary to remind my client’s to be prepared! Make an emergency  kit for yourself and family. It is easy to do and you will be happy when you need it.

Basic items of clothing, toiletries, sleeping bags, should be in a back pack and stored in an easy to get place, preferably outside of your home.

Food, cooking supplies, radio, batteries, flash light, and basic tools are so important. A wrench to turn of the gas or water. Fire extinguisher or a smoke detector to protect home from fire.

The most important thing is to be prepared. Everyone knows what the government will do when the event happens. They will be powerless to help everybody.

Get ready! 


Kenny Tashman

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