Miscellaneous Electrical Load (MEL)

7 02 2015

Miscellaneous Electrical Load (MEL)  in buildings are electric loads resulting from electronic devices not responsible for space heating, cooling, water heating, or lighting. MELs are produced by hard-wired and “plug-in” electrical devices, including home entertainment centers, kitchen electronics such as microwaves and toaster ovens, bath items such as hair dryers and electric hot tubs, and others such as security systems and ceiling fans.

Early generation phone chargers used a lot of electricity and were also a danger if left plugged into the phone. In recent years chargers for phones and other new electronics like laptops have more energy efficient features like an automatic shutoff and sleep mode.

MEL is estimated to contribute 4-12% of the total household energy usage and while many newer electronic devices will come with energy efficient features, things like refrigerators and microwaves are not replaced often so the likelihood of these devices being energy hogs is high.

The other major contributor to MEL are devices that are always connected to the internet. The increasing use of electronics connected to WiFi for example is only going to increase as we move inexorably towards a wireless world. Internet business experts estimate that by 2020 there will be 50 billion devices constantly connected to the internet. Some of the more futuristic things that will be connected to your phone or the computer chip in your brain are coffee makers, pacemakers, cars, and of course cows.

There are a few proposed solutions, some more feasible and long term than others. The Whole House Switch is somewhat like a circuit breaker for everything in your house. The idea is that when you go out all the electronics can be switched off all at once. This solution requires some pretty serious rewiring that may not even offset the energy saved.

The best solution is a combination of advances in the technology combined with government incentives to upgrades appliances to the latest energy efficient models. For example, new advances in semi-conductor materials means faster and cheaper energy transmission with little environmental loss. When exactly these scientific progressions will be available for the homeowner is still a matter of some debate.

One short term solution is to put timers on the devices that don’t need to be on all night. I have a timer attached to my TV, modem, and cable box that shuts off automatically at night. Timers can be purchased from Tashman Home Center.

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Another New Website

31 01 2015

Tashmans.com got hacked a few months ago and since the cursed hackers did such a good job, we had to start all over.

The result is a sharp lined, minimalist text heavy, aesthetically neutral website that will serve all your hardware and Home Center needs. It has a lovely orange and blue color scheme as well as extensive galleries of our jobs.

There are many wonderful easy to navigate new sections that will satisfy your need for detailed information concerning things like…




Friday Job pics

20 09 2014

A collection of some of our recent home installation jobs.

30-10' tall frameless store front Commercial glass replacement westLa Commercial store,front pacific design center Custom sunburst window security guard silver lake Custom window and door security bars silver lake Fiberglass arched door Fiberglass front entry doors condo w. hollywood Wood replace,net windows hollywood

Houzz.com is a great website for design ideas

5 09 2014

Houzz is a place to browse and save beautiful home photos. A place to find the right design and construction professionals. A place to connect with others who have been there too. Houzz started as a side project but has become a community of more than 20 million homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals—across the country and around the world.

Tashman Home Center has begun to upload our home installations into the Houzz database, so far we have fifteen examples of our jobs.

Tashman Home Center on Houzz

Here are some examples:

1927 wood windows 1927 wood windows2 1927 wood windows3 glass entry1




Louvre or Jalousie Windows are the worst

3 02 2014

louvre windows

If you live some where that is not temperate year round you may not have run into this abominable style of windows. For obvious reasons, installing these things somewhere cold is a terrible idea but installing them somewhere warm is also silly.

Invented well before the advent of air conditioning, Jalousie windows are meant to utilise natural ventilation to cool homes in hot areas like Southern California. Now that we have entered a more modern age where air conditioners are pretty standard in places like Los Angeles, Jalousie windows are a waste of money, energy , and resources.

Which brings us to the crux of the matter; the importance of good window insulation. Tashman Home Center is one of the few remaining retailers of louvre windows but we do not recommend them at all.

Instead we recommend aluminum or Vinyl windows with Low E glass for extra energy efficiency. For more on our various styles of windows, see our info page or our Catalog.

window types

New Multi slide doors installation Hollywood Hills, by Tashman’s

18 09 2013

Tashman’s recently installed new beautiful Heritage Multi Slide doors in the Hollywood Hills,

The project was designed by Steve Fierce. He incorporated the indoor out door feel in his home.

The views of Los Angeles, Hollywood Hills, and all of the city are amazing. The doors slide on the outside so they do not take up room on the interior of the house. The frame stack neatly and are easy to roll out with the 3″ roller and graphite track system Heritage uses.


Really cool front door!!!

This front door system uses 1/2″ glass, that is set in the concrete. it is butt joined and sealed together. The frame less door with the ladder handles lock and a stay open when need be.

We installed all of the above glass, windows, doors, shower doors in the home. our team leader Greg

has been doing these types of specialty aluminum glass doors and windows for Tashman’s for over 15 years.

Kenny Tashman  did the layouts and helped do the door design, He has been promoting Heritage Windows for the past 5 years.

Heritage is a great alternative for high end aluminum windows and doors. They are made in the USA, use high performance Cardinal Low E 366 glass and have many great features.


The front door was unique,in that it is all glass that allows you to see from the front across Laurel Canyon when you walk in



20 08 2013

Joe Yaron is the latest happy Tashman’s  customer to get new Milgard Tuscany Vinyl windows.  Our crews installed all the windows in his apartment building in three days.

We do our best to install great long lasting products that look nice and work well.

Vinyl windows are an easy to care for product that requires no maintenance.

The glass has low e tint to control the heat.

I also do all kinds of glass and window repairs if that is what is needed.

If you have any questions call me and I will be happy to advise you.


Kenny ImageImageImage

Spring Cleaning

30 03 2010

It is now time to open the windows and let the dust out.  While not as extreme as other parts of the country, here in LA we shut the windows and doors for most of the winter.

Surfaces are covered in dirt and things like jackets and boot have piled up by the door.

So welcome the warm weather with a good house cleaning!

First Post

21 01 2010

Welcome from Tashman Home Center!

We are a community hardware store and we love to take customers from Home Depot.  The difference is huge because we care if our customers are happy and come back for regular business.

A typical situation:

I went to home depot and spent a few hours looking for someone who knew where I could look for what I wanted to buy.  Eventually gave up in frustration.

If that sounds familiar, you aren’t alone and there is a better way.


20 01 2010

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