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30 05 2014













Tashmans now has an ecommerce website with over 85,000 items at fantastic prices!


We get a lot of requests for special items that we don’t regularly carry in stock. To make it easier for customers and for us as well, we have as very large database of competitively priced items that can be shipped directly to you or we can receive any item here in west hollywood for free pickup.
The other significant advantage for the consumer is the pricing structure. Being competitive as a large website is a very different animal than being competitive as an independent hardware store. As you local hardware and home improvement store, we pride ourselves on great customer service and custom solutions for everyday problems.
As an online retailer, we have a much lower overhead and an imperative incentive to match the prices of other online retailers. The results are low low prices every day! Our prices are similar to major brands such as True Value and Lowes.



It is summer, time to make your yard look nice

16 06 2010

We have recently rearranged our lawn and garden center to accommodate all sorts of new items.

Tools such as shovels, rakes, picks

Hoses, sprinklers, and accessories

Pest control products to handle a variety of unwelcome invaders; Snails, spiders, wasps, termites, cockroaches, ants etc.

We also have a large selection of welcome mats and barbecue accessories.

Green Products

25 05 2010

When you put drain cleaner in to free up a clogged drain, you are pouring acid into the sewers. This also harms your pipes, particularly if they are plastic.

When you clean your carpet or wash your kitchen, you are spreading toxic chemicals around and then, hopefully wiping them up.

There is a more environmentally friendly solution.

Several products use bacteria and enzymes to break down organic material like that stain on your carpet or that smelly garbage disposal.

The product line we carry is called Unique

Clean your house!

18 05 2010

Open your doors and windows, fire up the fans and blow the dust out.

After that there will most likely be plenty of more dirt and grime on your floor, walls , ceilings…

Lucky for you we have many great cleaning items on sale with plenty of stock.

The sponges below are  only 99 cents

How to clean up an oil spill

6 05 2010

If it’s 800,00 gallons a day into the ocean, you are in a lot of trouble and we can’t help you.

If you have stains in your driveway or parking spot, we may have something that will help.

This stuff works well and can prevent the concrete from getting permanently stained.

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