Wherefore art thy dohickys, whatdoyoucallits, gizmos, and thingys?

9 06 2014



Some tips for finding what you need when you don’t know what you need.

Take a picture of the situation.

A picture is worth a thousand words give or take so instead of trying to describe the problem in a thousand words or less, take a pic.

Measure things.

Even if you have a high definition 3D image of the hole in the wall, not knowing how big that hole is could be a problem.

Communicate well in the language of your homeland or get a translation.

Our employees have become quite skilled in the art of the pantomime as well as interpretation of hand drawn sketches on napkins. It is always easier, however, to use words that create a vivid picture in the mind’s eye. Ask for an employee that speaks Russian or Spanish and avoid the blank stare of incomprehension.

Be patient, we are here to help.

Generally speaking the customers outnumber the employees so understand that things are done in the order in which they appear. The person in front of you in line is no more and no less important than you are. Fairly often we do not know what a customer is talking about at first and sometimes people are so frustrated with the lack of instant gratification that they walk out. This is very silly considering the practically infinite permutations that a home improvement project can have.

People make mistakes and we are only human.

Whether it is a special order, a custom screen, or a home installation, sometimes things do not go as planned. We will always take responsibility for our errors and try to make it right.

Be polite.

Treat people like you would like to be treated. We appreciate your business and act accordingly so one would do well to be polite to the people trying to help.

Don’t worry be happy!

We do all we can to make you happy and a repeat customer.




9 11 2013


Every year I tell my customers to be prepared for disasters. Living in earthquake country, I have been traumatized by the past quakes (Northridge 94′). My entire life was turned upside down in 57 seconds. Luckily my store was not damaged. We opened after a quick clean up, and were ready to help our community of West Hollywood.

Everything was in short supply, batteries,flashlights,water heater connectors, tarps, glass, plywood. You name it we were selling it off the shelves. Most people had nothing ready. No food, water, clothing or supplies of any kind.

So I feel it necessary to remind my client’s to be prepared! Make an emergency  kit for yourself and family. It is easy to do and you will be happy when you need it.

Basic items of clothing, toiletries, sleeping bags, should be in a back pack and stored in an easy to get place, preferably outside of your home.

Food, cooking supplies, radio, batteries, flash light, and basic tools are so important. A wrench to turn of the gas or water. Fire extinguisher or a smoke detector to protect home from fire.

The most important thing is to be prepared. Everyone knows what the government will do when the event happens. They will be powerless to help everybody.

Get ready! 


Kenny Tashman

How to fix leaks from the rain

20 10 2010

This morning it was raining in my bathroom, seems to be a pretty common event.  When I got home the ceiling was on the floor and the picture below is exactly what it looked like.  Don’t ask what the floor looked like.

It rarely rains in Los Angeles and by rarely I mean never.  But on the occasion of a nice rain many people find themselves not only unable to drive but also with leaky roofs.

Or people will need to park their convertibles on the street and will require a tarp to keep the car from becoming a bathtub.

Also don’t forget sandbags to protect your property from those pesky flash floods.

Whether you need roofing tar, tarps, or just an umbrella…Tahsmans has it all!

Nightstick Future Flashlights on Sale

7 10 2010

We have recently purchased several new led flashlights and headlamps.  They are sleek, very bright and will last a very long time on a few batteries.  They also have Dual-Light INNOVATION which combines a separate flood light with a flashlight in a single housing. The floodlight spreads light over an area four times broader than a flashlight beam with no hot spots that impair visibility while searching or working.


Ladder Safety

26 04 2010

The ladder is a great invention and I don’t think there can be any argument about that.  Before ladders, what did people do?


Stand on each other’s shoulders?

Unfortunately as with any tool, improper use can cause injuries, lawsuits etc.  Our friend next door to Tashman’s climbed a ladder, fell off and died.  He was a professional so believe it can happen to anyone.

Never stand on the top of the ladder.

If the ladder is shaky, have someone brace it at the bottom.

Remember you now have a high center of gravity, so don’t lean out too far.

Never stand on the ladder tray.

Always be sure the ladder is fully open and level.

Extension ladders should always be locked before climbing

The Right Way:

The Wrong Way:

Are You earthquake ready?

2 02 2010

Come by my store Saturday or Sunday to learn more on how to prepare for an earthquake.

Save some $$$ and be ready !


Kenny T.

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