Fantastic power tools by Genesis and Hurricane Tape

28 03 2014

More new products have arrived!

First off we have a whole new line of power tools and accessories from a company called




Next up we have Hurricane tape and F.A.W.C tape which stands for Fabric All Weather Construction Tape. It is similar to Gorilla tape as it is a VERY strong and durable tape for tough jobs.

And we have plenty of it!



Cool Flashlights and succulent plants

7 03 2014

We have some new stuff here at Tashmans this week so everybody should come over and go on a shopping spree!

Some really cool flashlights and tools came in from a company called NEBO.

larry lightzoom 130bendbrite


All of the flashlights above will blind you if you look directly into the light. Ironically people who get blinded usually buy the flashlight.

And we also have a bunch a of amazing succulent plants, perfect for our current drought condition as they do not require a lot of water and don’t wilt in the harsh southern California sun.

plants 1plants 2


17 09 2013

The Tashman’s carpentry team recently install this new pre hung and pre finished door from Escon doors.

Mrs Feldman love’s the door which has a heavy duty Emtek mortise lock installed in it as well.

Mortise locks are nice because they have several locking features, are very strong and hard to break.

I like them for all the pretty designs, and finishes available for you to choose.

When you are ordering a pre hung door make sure to check the jamb thickness, swing of door. and the threshold type you need.

We use oak thresholds many time so the wood floors on the inside blend and match.

This door can pre finished so it matches perfectly with the jamb. I recommend touch up and adding additional coats of sealer ever 2-3 years so the door look good. The front door is the first impression to you home. Make sure to keep it looking clean and well painted.










Grand Opening of the Tashman Home Center Ebay Outlet Store

19 02 2011

We do a lot of installations here at Tashmans and as a result we have a lot of non-stock items and surplus item that for one reason or anothr, do not sell well in the store.

The first items for sale will be sell things like lock sets and door hardware and as we go on to gain the respect of the ebay community, we will be selling our surplus window, doors, and screens.

We offer local pickup on all items so customers can get a huge discount on brand new windows and doors.

Tashman Home Center Outlet Store


Sale on Cabinet and drawer knobs and handles

2 06 2010

Several Styles of our popular Cabinet knobs and drawer handles are being discontinued and so we are having a 50% off sales on those items.

Also included in the sale are various other cabinet hardware.

Ladder Safety

26 04 2010

The ladder is a great invention and I don’t think there can be any argument about that.  Before ladders, what did people do?


Stand on each other’s shoulders?

Unfortunately as with any tool, improper use can cause injuries, lawsuits etc.  Our friend next door to Tashman’s climbed a ladder, fell off and died.  He was a professional so believe it can happen to anyone.

Never stand on the top of the ladder.

If the ladder is shaky, have someone brace it at the bottom.

Remember you now have a high center of gravity, so don’t lean out too far.

Never stand on the ladder tray.

Always be sure the ladder is fully open and level.

Extension ladders should always be locked before climbing

The Right Way:

The Wrong Way:


22 02 2010

Incandescent: The original Thomas Edison invention, they use 3% of the electricity to produce light and the rest of the electricity produces heat. Essentially it is a very small fire.

Compact Flourescent (the spiral bulbs) : A smaller version of the long straight flourescent lights most frequently used in supermarkets, they use about half the electricity to produce the same amount of light as an incandescent. Unfortunately they contain mercury and in a perfect world would be thrown out at a hazardous waste dump.

L.E.D (Light emitting Diode): An old technology redone is our modern age, they can use 4 watts of electricity to produce the same amount of light as an incandescent 60 watt. They also last five times as long as anything else.

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