New Products from the Orgill Show

21 03 2014

Two weeks ago our general manager took a trip down to Orlando for the bi-annual Orgill hardware trade show and he brought back a bunch of great new products. Everyone would be a lot better off if they came in and purchased some of these products.

Q-Bond is a very impressive product and I am not easily impressed. It uses a combination of liquid glue and black powder to instantly bond anything to anything. We cut a rubber hose in half and put it back together good as new. I also stuck a quarter to the sidewalk with impressive results although someone was able to remove overnight, most likely with a jackhammer.

We also got a variety of painting and caulking products which have been displayed at our new and improved paint counter.



The word Caulk comes from the Latin  calcāre, meaning to trample.


Spring Cleaning Clearance Sale

19 03 2011

we have been making some room in and around the store and as a result we have a lot of product that is on our brand new clearance rack in the parking lot.






Space heaters and other cures for the cold

31 10 2010

It is starting to get cold herer in southern california witha chilly summer leading into a cold winter.  Not actual cold of course, it never freezes or snows but still it can get a bit frigid.

Thankfully there have been enormous improvements in the space heating industry.


from the wood burning behemouth to the radiant heater:

And now the latest most efficient way to heat a room: Convection heaters. The brand we sell is called the Eco-Heater.

ECO-heaters are wall-mounted electric convection space heaters that use less than 1/3 of the energy typical space heaters use. An environmentally-responsible alternative to 1,500 watt space heaters, an ECO-heater heats a 120 square foot space using only 400 watts. ECO-heaters are less than 24″ square, and are mounted 3/4″ off the wall to create a convection heat channel. The air between the wall and the panel is heated and rises, drawing cool air from the floor, thus silently circulating warm air throughout the room. ECO-heaters are easy to install, can be painted to match any décor, and plug into a standard outlet.


Tour of the Hardware Store

21 01 2010

A walk around the store.

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