Cool Flashlights and succulent plants

7 03 2014

We have some new stuff here at Tashmans this week so everybody should come over and go on a shopping spree!

Some really cool flashlights and tools came in from a company called NEBO.

larry lightzoom 130bendbrite


All of the flashlights above will blind you if you look directly into the light. Ironically people who get blinded usually buy the flashlight.

And we also have a bunch a of amazing succulent plants, perfect for our current drought condition as they do not require a lot of water and don’t wilt in the harsh southern California sun.

plants 1plants 2


How to fix leaks from the rain

20 10 2010

This morning it was raining in my bathroom, seems to be a pretty common event.  When I got home the ceiling was on the floor and the picture below is exactly what it looked like.  Don’t ask what the floor looked like.

It rarely rains in Los Angeles and by rarely I mean never.  But on the occasion of a nice rain many people find themselves not only unable to drive but also with leaky roofs.

Or people will need to park their convertibles on the street and will require a tarp to keep the car from becoming a bathtub.

Also don’t forget sandbags to protect your property from those pesky flash floods.

Whether you need roofing tar, tarps, or just an umbrella…Tahsmans has it all!

Reverse osmosis Water Filter by Blue Gold for Life

5 09 2010

We sell a water filtration system that is amazing. It is a three stage reverse osmosis system that does a great job of taking out the poisons and minerals out of the water.  We actually tested the water against bottled water and found the filtered water to be cleaner in several cases.

This system is of great benefit particularly here in southern California because we live in a desert and have our water pumped in from far far away and it is infused with chemicals along the way to kill any serious bacteria.  The water is also very hard, causing mineral deposits to build up very quickly in water systems and also in our body’s own waste filtration systems.

Also bottled water is not a reliable or cost effective alternative.  According to the NRDC “An estimated 25% of bottled water is just tap water–sometimes further treated sometimes not”.  Plus think of the millions of tons of plastic used and discarded every year in bottling water.  We tend to also think that plastic bottles are inert and harmless when in fact water bottles release VOCs and other chemical as the soft plastic deteriorates.

How to install the system yourself

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