There are many manufacturers of Vinyl Widnows.  At Tashman’s we carry several lines of windows. Milgard, International, Superior, and Emprire are our current lines. Each offers different solutions for your window needs.
Vinyl windows offer many great features.  One of the best features is that they require little to no maintenance. Vinyl windows do not need to be painted and they do not swell or warp.  Just a gentle yearly washing, some lubrication of the wheels, and cleaning of the tracks is all that is required.
What are the variations of vinyl windows?
Frame thickness, locks, functions, glass, decorative trim, and grids are all considerations of the design.  Company reputation, craftsmanship, warranty, and location are other important factors in determining the window you should buy.
All of the windows we sell are locally manufactured.  The companies have been in business for a long time and are well known in the region.  Their service departments are reliable and close enough that they will be able to handle your needs in weeks – not months.
Milgard windows has developed a window made from fiberglass that is extremely durable and offers many of the features of a wood window.  The “ultra” and “wood clad” lines come in almost any configuration of window design.  The exteriors come in several colors, with a lifetime warranty against any peeling and color discoloration.
This maintence free advantage is key.  Painting every 3-5 years is costly. If you can avoid this constant cost by paying for it once at the beginning of the window’s life, then you can save for years to come.
Fiberglass windows are more expensive than vinyl or aluminum or even wood windows, but the long term cost and esthetics benefits are the key reasons we like this product for clients who are planning for the long term use of the window.
Aluminum windows offer a low cost alternative for many people who want energy efficiency and low cost.
Aluminum windows also offer a design element that looks more contemporary than wood or vinyl windows.  The narrow sight lines and maximum glass spans, make aluminum windows great for locations that have spectacular views and narrow openings.
We offer windows from international window corp, Milgard windows, and fleetwood window manufacturers.  We also sell commercial application windows from california doors and storefront and arcadia window and door manufacturers.  This wide selection of window companies allows our customers a great selection to meet their design requirements.
Tashman’s offer many different ways to reduce the noise coming through your windows.
Quiet windows (with laminated glass) offer a simple way of reducing noise without having to replace your current exterior window.  Quiet windows are secondary windows installed on the inside of the existing windows frame.
these windows are ideal for condominiums and apartment house applications where it may be difficult or cost prohibitive to change all the windows.
quiet windows are installed inside the existing window sill of sliding or casement windows.  If you have double hung style windows, then you can have an additional frame built out on top of the wall surrounding the window to allow for installation of the quiet window.
We can also add laminated glass to almost any new wood, vinyl, or aluminum window application if you want to change the old window out.  The advantage of this is that the sound proofing feature is incorporated into the current window.



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